The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Mmm... coffee! We spend so much time on our quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Is that quest Quixotic? Is there such a thing as the Perfect Cup? What makes it perfect? How do we make it perfect? Well...

First, let 's define "perfect"

"Perfect" is an entirely subjective thing. Some people apparently like their coffee bitter, over-roasted, overcooked, and made with cheap beans. But the rest of us are looking for that blend of flavor and aroma that makes us quietly smile and look forward to the next sip. So how do we get there?

It all starts with the beans

You can't make a good cup of coffee without good beans. There are two varieties - Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica beans are the original coffee bean; the Robustas are a hybrid created to grow faster in more climates and produce a higher yield per acre. Somewhere along the line, the hybridizers forgot about flavor. Our coffees are made from Arabicas, of course, so you know you're off to a great start!

Roasting Brings Out the Flavor

When you roast a bean, you bring the bean's natural flavor to its peak. Overroasting chars the bean and destroys the flavor, but it's a great way to cover up cheap beans! Since we only use good beans, we never burn our coffee - even when we roast Espresso!

Adding Flavors

Some of our coffees, as you can see by our Premium Gourmet Coffee List, are flavored. That's a delicate art. Too little flavor, and you may as well not have bothered. Too much flavor, and you can't taste the coffee. Our coffees strike just the right balance in flavors - you can definitely taste the flavor, but you know you're drinking good coffee. And, unlike some others, we don't use cheaper beans for our flavored coffees!

The Grind

Here's where it gets a little tricky. We will, of course, grind your beans for you. But to get the best cup of coffee you can, you should grind your own beans fresh, only grinding enough for this one brew. But every grinder is different, and everybody has different taste. So your best bet is to try a pound. Grind at different grinds (assuming your grinder can do that), and remember which one worked best for you.

The Method

There are many different ways to make coffee, from dropping a handful of grounds into a boiling pot of water to an expensive machine that makes so much noise you're wide awake well before that first sip! Our recommendation is to use a single-cup cone with paper filters, and brew each cup individually (that also makes it nice when each of you wants a different variety or flavor). As you pour the water, it's just off the boil; the filter lets the water through at the right speed, and you can adjust the amount of coffee you use for each person's taste. How can you go wrong?

The Payoff

Sit. Relax. Close your eyes. Take the first sip.

You're smiling, aren't you?

Go ahead - take that second sip. You deserve it!

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